Mama Baba Yoga

Small Blessings Postnatal CLASSES


At this time your life is turning around, the demands on your body are great and there is so much that is new. Part of the mastery of a woman and a mother is the art of giving to your children from a place of bounty within you, being as a fountain which is full to overflowing. For this to become our experience, the connection to ourselves needs regular nurturing and cultivation.

Small Blessings Yoga offers you cycles of classes in Mama Baba post-natal yoga (mums and bubs yoga) in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga. Our focus is becoming a mother, staying as woman, as the teachings of Kundalini Yoga emphasise that every woman, in all the roles she plays, needs this neutral gear where she is just herself. As challenging as this is in the early months of being a mother, it is something to keep in consciousness and to cultivate when the time is right. It's so important to our well being as women that we put it in the title of these classes!

Therefore this yoga is not for your baby (though he or she will very likely enjoy it alot) but is primarily for YOU. Your baby is there with you, by your side at times, or on your body, physically involved in your poses and movements, or simply held in your gaze while you take care of yourself ... and for older babies, happily exploring the space, coming and going from your mat. As well as being good for your physical well-being, classes can be seen as a schooling in this relaxed focus on our babies and kids.

Also included, in the flow of things, as the opportunities present themselves, are song and mantra, movement and play with the babies, elements of baby massage and baby yoga.

Small Blessings postnatal yoga is also one of a kind in the way that classes offer you food for your mind and also spirit - as this kind of learning is an equally important kind of nourishment. The tradition of Kundalini Yoga is unique for its inclusion of what we call Humanology - or the study of the human journey. So at a time when you are experiencing a learning curve like never before, you may find perspectives from these teachings incredibly supportive, clarifying and empowering. We in Kundalini Yoga are also dedicated to serving women to know their true nature and have many inspiring and fascinating angles on many aspects of life for you to consider and explore.

In total, in these classes you will be offered the chance to explore what it means for YOU to stay a woman as you become a mother. We celebrate the diversity of how each unique woman expresses this in her own way. Women experience the space as non-judgemental, open and supportive.

May you leave each class feeling relaxed, nourished and enriched on all levels.

Class are open to all women with babies aged 7 weeks to 1 year - or toddling - whichever comes first! 

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have... and please if you feel you don't have a "yoga baby", whatever that might be, be assured nobody does .. and also everybody does :-)

"There is a saying.... "Whatever goodness a person has it is learned in the lap of the mother." That is how important the institution of a woman as a mother is in our society.
" Yogi Bhajan


"Thank you for the fantastic term of Mums and Bubs Yoga. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and have learned so much more. I am very grateful to have you lead me through this part of my life again." Julia  

"Thankyou Jai Ram. Your beautiful classes have"Thanks so much Jai Ram. helped guide me through the early months of motherhood and gifted me with the tools for patience, resilience and love." Aimee

"Thanks so much Jai Ram. It's been a pleasure to come along each week. The teachings have been really helpful. I've enjoyed meeting and being with the other women in the class in such a relaxed and accepting environment." Emma

"This has been a lovely experience for me and Sadie. You create a beautiful place of truth and acceptance for us all. Thankyou. Sat Nam." Christiane

"A massive thank you to all that you and the beautiful yoga that you teach has given me. I am a stronger woman and a better mum because of it. You truly are a brilliant teacher and just a beautiful person."Kati

"(This time) really is the highlight of our week! .... The class really helped ground me through a pretty dark place and was reassuring to always come in each week and feel safe, relaxed and welcome." Rebecca

"Thank you again for such wonderful classes! The feeling experienced during yoga is amazing! You are teaching us to relax and to focus at the same time. It really helped me in many aspects of my life." Alexandra

"Everything else we do is focussed on Rory. This is the one thing I do that is really for me, and Rory enjoys it too." Ailsa

"This has been such a positive experience for Lachlan and me. I will always look back on this time and remember our Monday mornings with great fondness. Thankyou." Christine

"I have really enjoyed coming along to the classes. It has helped me learn to start letting go a bit and realise that I can't be in complete control all the time. Thank you so much." Jane

"Wonderful term again! Without this class there would be a lot less calm and peace in my (and my family's) life. Thankyou." Sandy