Kundalini Yoga for the Woman's Journey


Confidence        Strength        Trust           Grace


A woman's soul is attached to being a woman. It is a great gift to be one, with all the beauty and richness of experience that it gives us.

And it can also be challenging. 

Small Blessings Yoga offers you a unique service ~ accompanying you, inspiring you, training and guiding you in classes and programmes for the various stages of being a woman. 


There are foundational teachings and practices for all women of all stages and phases of life.


And specific, custom-made classes for the special journeys of pregnancy, birth, the first postnatal year and beyond.


All classes are taught in the rich tradition of Kundalini Yoga. This tradition uniquely offers a treasure trove of time-tested, uplifting yogic technologies and teachings especially for women, including but not limited to the journey of motherhood, right the way through. Classes are more than "just" yoga. They speak to the whole of you and your unique experience.


No prior experience with this or with any form of yoga is necessary to begin your journey

any time you wish...

I look forward to welcoming you to class and to the warm community of Small Blessings women. 






 A foundational programme open to all women of all stages and phases, including pregnancy and the first postnatal year.




'"Woman is a living psyche - organic, vibrating, original. All she has to remember is to live in the consciousness "I am a woman"."
Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga