Pregnancy Yoga

"The purest thing in the world is the heart of the mother, the heart-chakra, the centre of the mother. It is the purest thing in the world. It can move God. It can move the universe. It can cause an effect beyond limitation. The heart of the mother is the greatest power of Infinity ever given to any finite being."   Yogi Bhajan


All babies, tiny as they begin, create vast ripples, and everything in your life is effected. Through of all the changes the ability to keep body, mind and soul together, and to experience your own strength, confidence, grace and intuition is an immense gift - to you and to your baby.

Small Blessings offers cycles of pregnancy yoga of average 10 weeks, though it is possible to attend part of a cycle and it is recommended to continue right up to the birth. You can start with classes any time you feel ready and they are suitable for all stages of pregnancy. Classes are suitable for beginners as well as experienced yoginis.


You will be guided through a combination of conscious breathing, yoga exercises and movements from Kundalini Yoga which serve to expand your breath and gently strengthen, stretch and massage your body, keeping you in a good state of flow, vitality and alignment. Your baby benefits from all this and mind, glandular system and emotions are naturally calmed and balanced.

While most of the practice is fairly gentle, challenge comes in the form of exercises where you are invited to explore the support of your conscious breath, the strength of your spirit and the power of a focussed mind in order to keep up. This is birth preparation, as it gives you a direct taste of your inner strength, fosters confidence, increases your ability to stay connected to yourself during intense experiences and increases your stock of endorphins.


Deep relaxation allows the effects of the yoga to integrate and your nervous system to reset itself at a new, more expanded level. Most classes end with a theme-based meditation, in which Kundalini Yoga is especially rich. We view meditation as especially valuable in pregnancy - for clarity, intuition, inner confidence, energy and calm. Through all the changes of pregnancy this is of inestimable worth. Whatsmore, we say your baby experiences itself in a conscious way when you do. Your clear, awake, graceful presence is what your baby gets, as his or her first teacher.


Also, as in all Kundalini Yoga, classes involve chanting to tune in and close the session, and some meditations include chanting. This is to create a special atmosphere and sensitivity which elevates the practice beyond just exercise. And the first sense to develop in the womb is hearing, the vibration creating a sense of coziness, connection, rhythm and continuity...


Alongside the physical and energetic aspects of class, you are also taken through a series of lessons which will mentally, emotionally and spiritually help prepare you for birth. Since all Small Blessings classes are taught in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, you are also offered perspectives which may open new dimensions to you in your understanding and experience of your pregnancy.  


The ideal is to commit to the full cycle of classes, however if there is space, casual attendance is also possible. Participants of the full series of classes receive a manual to take home, with tips for further exploration and home practice. This manual is also available to casual participants.


Any questions, get in touch.

Some Testimonials:

"Just a little message to let you know we welcomed into the world a beautiful baby girl, yet to be named, born yesterday. In love with our new addition to the family and a very excited big brother. I can't thank you enough for your amazing pregnancy yoga classes, birth preparation exercises and guidance and support throughout this journey and once again it prepared and enabled me to have the labour I had hoped for. I feel very fortunate - thank you so much." Louise

"Every night I sing Maya “May the longtime sun shine upon you”, and when she was unsettled I was putting on a long version of “Adi shakti” and for some reason, that was the only thing that could put her asleep! Thanks, thanks thanks and again thanks. You gave me the tools to go though my birth in such a great and happy and prepared way, and I will never forget that." Manuela


"No book, no midwife, no birth preparation seminar has prepared me for the birth as much as this course." Ilke


“I wanted to pass on my thanks to you for the wonderful leanings you enabled for me as part of your yoga sessions.
I can definitely say over the 24 weeks I attended your wonderful classes, I slowly became much more in tune with my body and predominately my mind, where I felt more and more empowered and in control of my thoughts. You made me realise that I am strong and that a natural birth experience is absolutely possible:)
You planted the seed and now my "natural water birth" is something I am embracing and very much look forward to, and something not to fear (...and I had never thought I would be birthing this way before!). The power and influence of these positive learnings are not be taken lightly. I now know, thanks to you Jo, that I can do this, I want to do this, I am made to do this! It's EASY !!! :)
Also, I just want to share with you a little hiccup we experienced mid-way through pregnancy. We found out sometime ago that our little bub will have a Cleft Lip and Palate.  This was quite a shock when we first found out, however now we are armed with information, we know everything will be OK, just a little challenging in the first 12 months:) I thought I would let you know that the yoga really helped me maintain a positive perspective through all this - thanks again Jo." Carmen


“After finding out the exciting news I was pregnant I was told by a lot of friends of the benefits of Pregnancy yoga so I joined small blessings yoga classes at around 10 weeks unsure of what to expect, as I hadn’t done a lot of yoga before. I have enjoyed the classes so much and feel very positive, calm and prepared for my labour. I’m so glad I started the classes early in my pregnancy, after initially expecting the classes to only involve exercises I found there was so much more to each session including, meditation, breathing exercises, birth exercises, relaxation. The relaxation and meditation elements of the lessons has enabled me to make sense of all the thoughts, worries and information that fill up my mind throughout the week allowing me to leave each class feeling calm and ready for the next stage of my pregnancy!
Another aspect I have found very useful is the level of first hand knowledge and experience of our instructor Jo. It was great to hear about others experiences and the options available to us from Doulas to community midwifes, a lot of information which you don’t necessarily get from the hospital or from your GP. None of the views or beliefs we have spoken about have felt as if they are being forced, you are left to feel free to take things on board and decide if they are right for you.
I also enjoyed the sessions where we spoke about some of the kundalini yoga teachings. One which has stayed with me throughout my pregnancy and is always something I think about when I get overwhelmed is the belief that your baby's soul chooses you as you are the right person to look after them and they are the perfect fit for you.
Thank you Jo for all your support throughout the lessons I’m getting really excited about the arrival of my little one and can’t wait to come back for the Mama and Baby Classes!" Ailsa