Classes and Fees


To bring to class:

All yoga equipment is provided. Bring water to drink.

Arrival at class:

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your class.


If you are unable to attend a booked class you are requested to inform me via text or email. It is possible to make up missed classes at any other suitable class, within the term, if available. In pregnancy only the pregnancy class is appropriate. Missed classes do not roll over into subsequent terms.

Eating before class:

It is recommended not to eat at least 90 minutes before class. If you do need to eat, make it a light snack only.

Casual Attendance: 

If it is not possible for you to commit to a full cycle of classes, provided there is space it is possible to attend casually. Please check availability. 

Cycles of Classes

Small Blessings classes are organised into cycles or courses of varying length (see all current dates below). Each cycle addresses certain themes of relevance. However, you can start at any time, during any cycle, provided there is space in the class. You can also do as many cycles as you wish, as there is always something new to learn and the practice is one whose benefits keep on giving.  If you have previous engagements for some of the classes, it is possible to  pay for the portion of the cycle that you attend. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.



small blessings Pregnancy CLASSES

Saturdays 9.30am to 11.30Am

At Yoga on Harris, 15 Harris St Palmyra


Starting in 2019 Small Blessings pregnancy classes will take on a new form. Weekly classes will be a full 2 hours to enable us to go deeper, impart more and for you to have an even more personalised experience.

Summer casual classes

Saturdays 19th January, 26th January, 2nd February
$28 casual per class
These classes can also be taken as trial classes before deciding to book the full course. Or they can be included at a special rate as part of the whole 10 week course booking (see below).

Term 1 2019
10 weeks from 9th February to 6th April
Fee for the full 10 weeks is $260. If you know at the time of booking that you are unable to attend certain classes you may deduct those classes from your fee at a rate of $26 per class. Email or call to check this with us.
Casual or trial classes are available for $28 per class.

Special option: include the 3 casual classes on 19th and 26th January and 2nd February for an extra $60 instead of $84 when booking for the full 10 week course. The total fee is then $320.
Fill in the booking form below with a comment on what you would like to book.

NOTE ON REPEATING THE COURSE: Pregnancy classes can be attended right up to the birth! So you can do a cycle and then keep coming back up to the birth. There is always something new to learn, it keeps you in the zone approaching the birth and helps you enjoy your pregnancy with an easier body and a clearer mind.


small blessings postnatal classes BECOMING A MOTHER ~ STAYING A WOMAN

for women with babies 7 weeks to 1 year

Thursdays 9.30 to 11am 

at Yoga on Harris, 15 Harris St Palmyra

Term 1 2019 

9 weeks from 14th February to 11th April

Fee for the full 9 weeks is $180. If you know at the time of booking that you are unable to attend certain classes you may deduct those classes from your fee at a rate of $20 per class. Email or call to check this with us.

Casual or trial classes are available for $22 per class. 


I come to your home and lead you through yoga movements, breathing, relaxation and meditation. Also included is showing you how you can involve your baby in your practice by including her or him in your movements, or with baby yoga and mantra/song. At times I may just hold your baby so you can nourish yourself. Talking and sharing is part of the time together, as wished and needed. I also help you to find simple ways to integrate yogic ways of being into your daily life for greater contentment and joy.

60 minutes $80

90 minutes $120

(Prices for within greater Fremantle area. Beyond this a travel surcharge may apply.)


Call or email to book a session.



Get together a group of 3 for a 90 minute session for $150.



Kundalini Yoga for Women

Small Blessings offers powerful and transformative courses for women.

Starting in 2019 we will offer a full year of classes with additional support and invitations to join a growing community of women. Details will be released in January 2019. In the meantime please visit my other website to see the current course. 



Thursdays 7pm to 8.30pm

at Yoga on Harris, 15 Harris St Palmyra

Check for details.


PLease note:

If you have trouble with the booking form (technological glitches are part of life!) please send me an email instead and I will take your booking that way. Thankyou.

Booking Form: 

*Please note: Missed lessons are non-refundable except under exceptional circumstances. Payment by direct transfer or cash on the first day.

Bank account details:

ANZ, Account name J.S. Hergo-Thanos, BSB 016484 Account No 585533602



* Required

Pregnancy classes
Postnatal classes

Thankyou. Your booking is complete once payment has been made. Please send an email to confirm your payment once made. If you need to make alternative arrangements to direct transfer, let me know.