Women's Counsel ~ healing from past loss

23-Nov-2019 23-Nov-2019

"Losing" a baby, through miscarriage, stillbirth or later in the baby's life, is often felt as an unimaginable tragedy. 

Naturally, your experience of subsequent pregnancies is affected by such an event. 

There is likely fear of the same happening again and other feelings and thoughts may be there - of guilt or blame, for instance. 

Your partner relationship is impacted also - sometimes positively, sometimes negatively.

In many cases, reactions to the loss of a child remain not fully conscious or processed. 

From their place in the subconscious mind, unprocessed thoughts and feelings have impact on current and future relationships, including with other children in the family. Especially children born after the child who died can be strongly impacted on the level of the subconscious and the soul.

The solution to this is quite simple, however. The key lies in the statement: everything that is, must be honoured. 

That is the starting point of healing and the beginnings of a new dignity and strength - which is a steady foundation for a happy future. 

I have many years of experience with the principles of Systemic Family Constellations - an approach that works with transgenerational patterns and the morphogenetic field of systems to bring about healing through a restoration of the orders of love in that system. 

In a one on one session, you will have the opportunity to bring your issue into the light of consciousness and in a special, simple process of consummation, bring it to a place where peace and the flow of love are natural consequences and you can begin to embrace the present and move on into the future with the past as a resource.

One session is often enough, through a follow up session can also be helpful. 

Monday and Friday afternoon sessions available at my practice room in Beaconsfield. 

A one hour session is $110. 

To make a booking, contact me by email or mobile - 0417 600 751.