Therapeutic Yoga Circle

18-May-2021 13-Jun-2021

Sunday June 13th 10am to 3pm in Winthrop 

A day of sharing, yoga, relaxation, meditation. 

To address matters close to your heart as the mother of a baby &/or young child/ren. 

The path of becoming a parent can feel wild and steep. It’s an on the job learning process in which we both come up against our limits and discover the vastness of our love. We want to give our absolute best and here we are, so beautifully, perfectly imperfect!

As a mother, when do you have time to digest, reflect and integrate your experiences in a way that really supports you to grow and learn?

This day is an offering of a therapeutic space in which to have that time in a supportive, wise space, to consciously reflect on your journey - its joys and challenges - and to integrate some of the many lessons you are learning.

It will be like a luxuriously extended Small Blessings Mama Baba Yoga class, with tuning in, a theme, question or teaching introduced, time to share, reflect and listen to others, followed by yoga, relaxation and meditations, chosen to suit the theme. Then, if and when the group is ready, another theme, more yoga, more relaxation, more meditation .. and so on.

Throughout, yogi tea will be available and you will be served a warm, nourishing vegetarian lunch, with time afterwards to rest .. maybe even sleep!

Sound good?

You don’t need to have any previous experience of yoga to join.

The day is intended for women with babies and young children (up to about 9 years), as the themes for these years are all within a certain field. You can bring your baby with you up until they are toddling. Older children can come too.

Venue: Yoga on the Ridge, Winthrop (a lovely, peaceful home studio - address given upon registration)

When: Sunday 13th June 10am to 3pm

Cost: $80

Bring: yoga mat, cushion, blanket, water