Home Visits, Counselling, Support

26-Jul-2019 26-Jul-2019

As yoga teacher and therapist, counsellor and coach, I offer a service to support and encourage you through the various stages of your journey. 

You may have particular struggles or just feel the need to address certain things. You may be in crisis and actute need. Perhaps you want to go deeper into Kundalini Yoga practices and teachings to ease your way and make the most of this great adventure. Or maybe you want to do private yoga sessions in your home.  

I come to you when this is helpful and appropriate. Or you may also come to a session with me in my practice room.

I am a supporter for you, a one-woman wise woman council, an asker of good questions, a reality checker, a holder of knowledge and wisdom and a deliverer of teachings and practices that have helped many other women over many long years. And foremost, a cheerleader for you in your own knowing and intuition.  

Serving you  

  In pregnancy 

  For birth preparation 

  In the postnatal time   

For support with themes such as:

Pregnancy & Birth 

-       Birth choices 

-       Adjusting in a time of great change 

-       Elevating yourself during pregnancy

-       Troubling moods and thoughts during pregnancy

-       Relationship changes and pregnancy

-       Processing miscarriages and terminations

-       Processing previous birth trauma

-       Addressing fears, cultivating trust 

-       Setting yourself up for a supported postnatal time

-       Addressing relationship changes and exploring the way forward



-       adjusting to huge changes 

-       postnatal anxiety, worry and/or depression 

-       shifting identity 

-       bonding with your baby

-       changes to the partner relationship

-       adjustments with other children

-       finding peace and pleasure in the postnatal time

-       becoming a mother, staying a woman 

-       identifying and expressing authentic needs 

-       communication help

-       beginning as new parents – establishing conscious habits 


And more.


I bring with me 16 years of experience in working closely with women in my practice as a yoga teacher who specialises in women’s teachings. My specialty is to assist women through pregnancy yoga classes which serve also as birth education and preparation and postnatal classes which offer a safe and supportive space for women with their babies. I draw on extensive knowledge of the teachings of humanology from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, which address and offer inspiration and guidance for all areas of human life. I am trained in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and have extensive experience with Systemic Family Constellation work, which sees the individual in the context of their family system and from which I draw simple yet powerful processes for healing. I have been a Karam Kriya numerological consultant, working one on one with individuals since 2005 to support them through all sorts of life questions and transitions. 

I am also an Associate Trainer in Kundalini Yoga. 


I am a woman, a wife and a mother of 3 teenagers. My own experience of pregnancy, birth, the postnatal time and being a woman through it all, has exposed me to a variety of experiences, from dark and difficult to exhilarating and elevating, and much in between, so I understand and feel the great need to serve women in this time, from what I have learned. 

When women feel well and happy become mothers who feel well and happy, the whole world is served. 


A home visit includes first talking, to establish the area(s) of your wants and needs, or simply often just to be heard and have sensitive, good questions asked. Depending on you, the session may then involve practical assistance on various aspects of your experience. It may involve therapeutic talk and process. It may include practices and tools from Kundalini Yoga (yoga, breathing, meditation). It may also involve giving you an individualised practice to continue with between meetings, to empower you to balance and elevate yourself at will. Or a combination of these. 

Especially when you have a small baby and possibly other children, getting out to appointments can create its own stress. To support you, I come to your home.


Home visits:

One session is approximately 90 minutes. The fee is $130. 

3 session package: $330. 

Shorter one hour sessions available, to revisit and refresh themes: $80.

Skype sessions: 90 minutes $110. 3 session package (3 x 90 mins): $300. 

One hour skype session $80. 

Contact me to discuss your needs and book a first session.