Consultancy and Counseling for Women

09-Dec-2015 09-Dec-2015

With pleasure I announce a new Small Blessings service in 2016 -


Consultancy and Counseling for Women

The life of a woman is rich with changes, challenges and opportunities to grow. Many of the situations we face seem complex as we ourselves are multi-faceted and the world around has has grown highly complex. We have many choices to make and we want to make choices that lead to an increase of love and happiness in our lives.

As yoga teacher, no matter what phase you are in as a woman, I can guide you to find a daily rhythm that serves you to relax and rejoice in your life. This may involve specific Kundalini Yoga and meditation practices but can also be related to rhythms of rest and activity, nutrition and other matters of healthy and creative balance.

Alongside this, as specific things come up, I offer you a confidential, attentive and caring space to address the issues that concern you.

Some of these might be related to -



  • Consultancy on your choice of professional care-givers: I offer you an overview of choices for birth in Perth and can link you up with care givers who may resonate with you and be a good match for your values and wishes. I have a growing network of midwives and doulas and a general understanding of the system so I can point you in the right direction in your search for people and places you feel you can trust.

  • Counseling for the many concerns that may arise in pregnancy. Pregnancy is a time of great sensitivity and you may feel quite vulnerable at times – a natural phenomenon as this brings us into a growth process in getting ready for motherhood. I support you to feel, express, understand deeper and heal. This may include past miscarriages, still birth, other griefs.

  • Family matters – to address and process themes from your family system and past which you feel need integrating to be the mother you wish to be. This includes perspectives and practices from Family Constellation Therapy.

  • Birth Preparation – addressing fears, recycling old, limiting beliefs for new, strengthening, uplifting ones. Birth starts in the heart and mind.

  • Yoga and Meditation practice – I support you to develop a home practice of self-care to enjoy your pregnancy consciously and prepare for birth and beyond.

Post-Natal Time- "the fourth trimester"

  • 40 Days Blessing – support to understand and honour what this time is for and set yourself up to make it a beautiful and wonderful time for yourself and your baby.

  • Post-Natal Emotions, including but not restricted to depression – care and support for your well-being, including homeopathic recommendations and a zoomed-out perspective.

  • “De-briefing” of the birth – to celebrate you and the birth and to process any possible lingering, troubling emotions from the birth, to acknowledge and honour, so that you can be more present, available and free now and in the future.

  • Motherhood – counseling to digest the mass of changes in your life and possible emotional processes that may arise as part of the process of growth and change. Can include changes to your sense of identity, your self-view as a mother and changes and challenges in your relationship.



Mothers with children of all ages need support and encouragement. It's a big job and in Kundalini Yoga we call the mother's lap (literally and figuratively) the cradle of civilisation. What is learnt there shapes the community and the whole world. It's a big honour and a responsibility and we need support and even training to do it well.

  • Addressing issues that challenge you as a mother and exploring ways to find more ease and pleasure in motherhood.

  • Support to understand, accept and love yourself and your child(ren) as they are. Each woman and child need something different. Life is not a production line.

  • For both these issues we may employ aspects of Family Constellation Therapy and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and where appropriate applied numerology to look deeper into who you are as a person, a woman, a mother, who your child is and how you relate.



Well! This covers just about everything! We have a teaching called The Four Choices of a Woman, and guess what? Choosing you first, no matter what comes after and how much or who you serve from there, turns out to be the way of wisdom and ultimately success.

  • Questions of personal choice, direction, development and fulfilment: who am I and where am I going?

  • Questions of balance and choice: which roles do I play and how do I play them? How can I play my roles in a way that serves and fulfills me first and then others, so that we are all uplifted and can fulfill our potential, for ourselves, our family, the community and ultimately the planet?

  • This may also involve conscious communication methods, as life is communication and how we talk creates the life we live.

About me, Beant Kaur Hergo

In these sessions I draw on a diverse range of trainings and experience, both personally as a woman, wife and mother of 3 and professionally as a Kundalini Yoga and Conscious Pregnancy Teacher. The timeless teachings of Kundalini Yoga give a deep and greatly expanded perspective on this female journey, providing new dimensions of wisdom, illumination, reassurance, dignity and grace and they are very personal and applicable in our daily lives.

I have further training in NLP counseling and Karam Kriya applied numerology consultancy. As the wife of an experienced Clinical Psychologist and Family Constellation Therapist, whose many workshops I have attended in the role of assistant, I have many years of first-hand experience and an intimate understanding of family constellation work (as well as a live-in mentor:). I also bring this into sessions as one of a variety of possible approaches that may serve the process.

In the centre of sessions stands you, the one who wishes to bring more conscious choice to your life, and the relationship with you determines which of these methods and understandings will be employed, with the aim of aiding your own inner resources, instinct and intuition to arise and activate, moving towards living the fulfilled life that you wish to live, as a woman and in all your relationships.


Introductory offer - the fee for a one hour session is $80. The fee for a series of 3 sessions to clarify and identify, work with and integrate an issue is $220. 

Call, text or email me to make an appointment.