40 Day Blessing Postnatal Sevadar Training Day

08-May-2021 30-May-2021

May 30th 2021 ~ 10am to 5pm 

Yoga on the Ridge, Winthrop 

In this one day training workshop, Jai Ram Kaur and Frances Parkhowell will share teachings, understandings and practices that will equip you to care for women in the first 40 days following the birth of a child. It is open to health professionals, including doulas, midwives and doctors, mothers, aunties, sisters, friends and all women with an interest in helping a new mother in this most tender and special time of her own and her baby’s life.

In Kundalini Yoga, we recognise the mother as the first teacher for the child. Her lap is the cradle of civilisation and her arms and heart hold the world. She needs help in this time - practical, emotional and spiritual. Her body is recovering from pregnancy and birth, her hormones are powerful and can be overwhelming, she may well feel very emotional and her whole identity is shifting in a seismic way. For the baby, it is also a tender and crucial time.

Humanology teachings of Kundalini Yoga say that in the first 3 days the baby learns love; in the first 40 days, belonging.

The imprint on the nervous system of the child during this 40 days is deep and lasting, so the aspiration is to make this time as cozy and relaxed as possible. For this, the mother needs help, support and care. If a woman is fortunate, she has family around who are willing and available to help. Or she has a strong network of friends. However, this is often not the case. People are busy with their own lives. Hiring a postnatal doula is a great option, but there will likely still be significant gaps.

That’s where a Sevadar comes in. Sevadar means one who serves selflessly, taking no payment and expecting no reward. In this case normally a woman, she does whatever is needed in the house and for the woman to support her, to lift the quality of her experience.