Why Celebrate your 120th Day of Pregnancy?

22-Nov-2019 22-Nov-2019

Consciously marking significant transitions in our lives with simple rituals is powerful. Our current Western traditions hold something of this collective human intent, but often the power is somewhat hidden under a more shallow and even consumeristic exterior. The soul is left hungry. 

A ceremony to mark a significant change, even a very simple one, allows us to truly step into where we are at and to more fully integrate the changes happening to us. 
The journey into motherhood is marked by several important natural transitions. 

The 120th day following conception is 1 of them. 

In the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, we say that the soul enters the womb on the 120th day following conception. 

From that time on, the woman is nurturing a soul within her own. It is said that her total experience imprints the child in the womb. The foundations for an inner sense of security are laid in these months of pregnancy. And so this tradition emphasises the importance of the pregnant woman feeling good and secure in herself as much as possible. And no woman or man is an island. Our immunity on all levels is strengthened in community.

Traditionally, 120 days is a time of celebration where the pregnancy is announced and the blessings received from the community. 

So that while the mother is encouraged to do all the good things for herself (eat well, spend time in nature, breathe deep, have good and uplifting company, do yoga, go walking, meditate and in general anything truly nourishing) she also benefits greatly from having the blessings and support of the family, friends and community around her.

A 120 day Ceremony can serve to collect the intentions for this purpose. People are often amazingly wise and giving, when you ask them for their blessings! You as the mother are celebrated, you receive blessings and well wishes and your partner also receives the blessings of the community. There is a simple, ritual element to this receiving and giving of blessings. 

A ceremony can include chanting of mantras special to this time, to uplift the vibration, clear away the shadows of fears, anxieties and doubts and sow seeds of consciousness. For those who wish, there is the chance to meditate together also. It depends on what seems most fitting to you and your guests.

You (or better someone close to you organises all this) serve food and drinks for the guests to relax with following the ceremony. 

As meditation and chanting are involved, this is an alcohol-free occasion.

A ceremony can be at your house or we can organise another venue.

A ceremony can be large, with all the second and third cousins, or very intimate, with just a few close friends. 

Click here for Details, Arrangements & Fees. 

40 Day Blessing
Apart from a Mother's Blessing shortly before birth (an assembly of just women to send you powerfully into this great adventure), and of course the birth itself, the next stepping stone is the 40 day Blessing - or the fourth trimester following birth. 

During this time, with the newborn baby, the mother is born. It takes a full 40 days for that process to even begin to be complete. You need a lot of rest, a lot of love and care and good nourishing food. You need help. That's the reality. 

The house still needs to be cared for and there may be other children. And generally it is good if not everything falls to the father or partner as they too have their own process of adjustment going on. 

In the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, the ideal is to have someone, usually a woman, to care for you in these weeks so that you can just care for your baby. This woman is called a Sevadar, or one who selflessly serves. Ideal is for the full 40 days. Real is often for set, agreed upon times during the week. We now have in the Small Blessings community a small team of sevadars ready to serve you. Please feel invited to get in touch with me to ask about that. 

Or you might hire a professional postnatal doula. 

This is an investment in your family's future, as the quality of those first weeks is a strong factor in how things unfold beyond that time. 

And this needs resources. 


We suggest (optional, of course) that instead of your guests bringing gifts for the baby that they put that home towards a donation towards care for you in the 40 day Blessing time, be that hiring a professional postnatal doula, or putting it towards food and travel costs of a Sevadar or Sevadars or some other way you can think of. It may just go towards really good, organic food (which is expensive!) for meals prepared for you during this time by a roster of friends and family. There is not just one way of doing it. In our culture, in these times, we must be creative! And we must dare to ask for help, which in itself is an enriching thing for everybody.