jai ram kaur hergo

Jai Ram (previously Beant) lives and teaches in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

She first met Kundalini Yoga in 2002 when pregnant with her first child.

"This practice has been a constant source of support to me through my journey of parenthood and as a woman. Without a doubt it was the inner stillness and strength that Kundalini Yoga gave me that allowed me to give birth to my second and third children naturally after having had an emergency caesarian with my first. Beyond this birth preparation, the time tested, wise and deeply practical teachings of Kundalini Yoga inspire and uplift me and and help me find my own way as a woman and a mother. It is an honour to pass these teachings on to you, to consider and to integrate into your life in light of your own experience and needs. May my classes and workshops increase your physical strength and ease. May they serve to expand your choices and increase your confidence in your own intuition and intelligence on your unique path of womanhood and motherhood."


Jai Ram is an accredited Kundalini Yoga and Conscious Pregnancy Yoga teacher who has been teaching classes since 2006. From Perth originally, she has 3 children, all born in Berlin, where she lived with her German husband for 9 years. Her other background is in dance, humanities and language. She founded Small Blessings Yoga in Perth in 2010. She also teaches Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops for non-pregnant people!


Jai Ram Kaur is also co-director and teacher on the Karam Kriya School Kundalini Yoga Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training, which includes a wealth of powerful women's teachings not only related to pregnancy. This training is scheduled for May 5th to 17th 2018 in Ubud, Bali. Ask for more info if you are interested.