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Roasted almonds in ghee

Jai Ram Kaur Hergo - Wednesday, September 11, 2013



This is a very simple, nurturing and delicious thing to eat in the weeks after the birth. The naturally wrinkled skin of the almonds is said to help the uterus to shrink back to its pre-pregnancy size and shape after birth. It is best eaten BEFORE BREAKFAST. And ideally, prepared and served to you in bed by someone ... (if you have other children, someone with small hands and a big heart? :)


Roasted almonds in ghee is in fact recommended to women generally in Ayurveda, as a food that is nurturing to the female reproductive system. 

10 to 15 almonds
2 teaspoons ghee (clarified butter which is a protein not a fat - look for it at organic or health food shops or Asian food shops. It tastes slightly nutty and can be used in Indian cooking.)
Honey, if you like.

Melt the ghee in a small pan and then add the almonds. Roast them on a relatively low flame for a minute or two. Add a little honey if you like it sweet! Let them cool off a little but eat them still warm. You can follow this up with a cup of yogi tea to nourish your nerves.

Note on the tendency to think "I can´t do that!":

Many of us have trouble letting ourselves be served. Consider that there might be a deep relaxation that comes from letting go of your internal struggle and allowing someone to do this simple thing for you in the morning - a grace and strength in being able to receive in the knowing that you are very valuable just as you are. If you´re already able to do that, excellent. If not, perhaps try it and find out what happens.


Ayurvedic recipes for after birth

Jai Ram Kaur Hergo - Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The following are special recipes to help you heal and recover strength in the days and weeks following birth.

Ask a friend or your partner to prepare the following dish for you when the baby comes and bring it to you during these very precious first few days.

Childbirth Subjee

This recipe is to be eaten only in the first few days after birth, before the milk proper comes in (after that the onions may upset your baby´s sensitive digestion). It works to repair the uterus and regenerate the nervous system. It also cleanses the body to prepare for milk production.


Take one cup of ginger root and chop it medium fine. Saute this in Ghee (clarified butter) until lightly brown. Add 1 Tbsn turmeric and stir to prevent burning. Add 2 medium chopped onions. Add a few Tbspn water. Cook well.

Add 2 cups yoghurt and simmer about 30 minutes.

You can add 1 Tspn chickpea or other flour to make it thicker. Halve the quantity of flour if using wheat flour.


Eat once a day with rice and yoghurt for the first few days.




You can have this nursing drink prepared for you in larger quantities kept in the fridge to take as you wish.

Special Nursing Drink

To improve the quality of your milk. If you don´t drink cow’s milk, use oat or rice milk.

1 cup of milk

8 - 10 blanched almonds (soaked and peeled)

2 Tbspn ghee (clarified butter)

1 – 2 tspn honey


Blend well. You can warm this drink up to make it even more nurturing, but then add the honey afterwards. Heated honey may release toxins.


Yoga for Better Milk

The exercise "Washing Machine" is also excellent for keeping the many glands that feed into your breasts massaged and free of blockages and the quality of your milk good. It also improves your posture and can relieve shoulder and neck tension.

Sit cross-legged on your bed if it is firm enough or on the floor, with your hands lightly grasping your shoulders, fingers in front, thumbs behind, and your elbows pointing straight out to the side. Experience the opening spread across your chest as well as across your upper back.

Staying tall in your spine, inhale and twist your whole upper body and head to the left. Exhale swing back to the right.

Start at a moderate pace and keep your eyes open. Breathe fully and deeply. Increase the speed and dynamic as you become comfortable with the movement. Close your eyes then, and bring your focus to rest at the brow point, between your eyebrows and a little way in. This is for stimulation of the pituitary and intuition as well as mental stillness and peace.

Continue for 1 to 3 minutes.



The recipes on this page are from the Ayurvedic tradition which has a close connection to Kundalini Yoga though its founder in the West, Yogi Bhajan. The exercise given is also from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga.

Nourishing Yogi Tea Recipe

Jai Ram Kaur Hergo - Thursday, January 31, 2013

This is a tasty, caffeine free, nurturing tea which is ideal for pregnancy and the time after birth. The spices are lightly stimulating without the negative impact of caffeine, nourishing to the nerves and strengthening to your blood. It is drunk with milk and honey to taste. You can also use oat, rice, almond or soy milk.

After the birth you may like to have a thermos of this tea by your bedside. Every woman is unique so there is no rule as to how much you can drink each day. Be aware that too much honey or spice through the breast milk may upset your baby´s delicate digestive system so keep an eye on it and reduce your intake if in doubt.


1 cup water

3 cloves

4 cardamom pods

4 black peppercorns

½ stick cinnamon

1 slice fresh ginger

½ cup cow´s milk or alternative



Boil spices in water for 10-15 minutes. Add milk (about 1/3 cup) and bring to the boil.

Turn off heat. Add honey to taste.

To make more at a time you can reduce the amount of spices. Eg. for 2 litres of water use 15 cloves, 20 cardamom pods, 20 peppercorns, 3 cinnamon sticks and 5 slices fresh ginger. Boil for 20 to 25 minutes. Add 500mL milk and honey to taste.


This taken recipe from “Foods for Health and Healing – Remedies and Recipes, based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan”

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