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Jai Ram Kaur Hergo - Friday, May 17, 2013

Serab Ko Gian - the whole knowledge to be a mother is contained in the very seed of a woman.


Recently I was reading some words from the Master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan, to whom I am indebted for the gift of Conscious Pregnancy teachings. It might seem weird that a man should speak such words, but this was not just any man, but a man who said that he was a worshipper of the feminine principle and who never ever lost his dignity and nobility in relation to a woman...

He said that a woman has "washna", meaning a very subtle desire in the subconscious mind, to have a cozy, comfortable, safe and secure home. On a more animal level, if you like, a nest. By nature, said Yogi Bhajan, if left to men, we would all be living from a backpack. All cities, all civilisation, all houses come about because of the subconscious desire of women to have cosy homes. Men's desire to serve this in us has huge and very visible results. We each have something the other wants.


In our modern world, prior to becoming a mother we as women might seem to be more same as our men than different, and yet with this turnaround event, big changes occur. It can take some time to adjust! How do you relate to your own motherhood and motherhood in the making? Can you feel the nobility in it? Can you see the dignity in it? And can you see the dignity and nobility in your man in his own role? The more I live in my own family the more I appreciate the value of recognising, accepting and agreeing to the fundamental differences between me and my husband. Life begins to become a dance between polarities, a wonderful and fun and interesting thing, based on an honouring of the differences between us.

"I am just giving you the psychological differences so that you can basically and truthfully understand your role in relationship with the role of a male. These roles are not the same at all. If it were left to men, you all would be living with a backpack. To have a home, to have protection, to have security, save some money, save some food, all this paraphernalia is the invention of a woman’s subconscious mind. Therefore, it is very correct when they say woman is the axle of human society."

Words from the Master.

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