120th Day Celebration Ceremony

with Jai Ram Kaur and Small Blessings Yoga

Why 120 days?

In Kundalini Yoga humanology there is a teaching that on the 120th day from conception the soul enters the womb of the mother to be. She is carrying new life and because of the enormity of this she has certain needs.  Having the love and care of her community she feels strengthened to go on this journey with all it entails and to enjoy a peaceful and well-nourished pregnancy, knowing she is supported. This in itself is more than worthwhile, but added to that is the fact that the whole rhythm and tone of the child’s being is established in the womb, imprinted through the mother. All the woman’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual rhythms imprint that soul. She is nursing not just a physical body but also a soul. It is even said that a woman during pregnancy, through her own consciousness, has the capacity to clear the karma and therefore elevate the destiny of that soul. That’s powerful. 

At a 120th Day Celebration the quality and dimensions of the role of mother are acknowledged, honoured and celebrated. It is a ceremony which speaks at the level of heart and soul as well as having very practical benefits. 

What happens at the ceremony?

Possible elements of your ceremony are 

  • You, the woman and vessel of creation, sit on a home made throne, with cushions and cloths, beautifully dressed
  • receiving blessings from the individuals present in spoken or written form
  • making of flower offerings to the mother to be
  • special Kundalini Yoga chants and songs to empower the woman and bless the baby 
  • Jai Ram sharing from the teachings of Kundalini Yoga on pregnancy
  • Sharing about the practice of 40 Day Blessing (a supported fourth trimester), including concrete examples of how this may be achieved – to inform, inspire and mobilise your community 
  • Receiving of money donations towards paying for support from doulas and/or postnatal sevadars* in the 40 Day Blessing time 
  • sharing of tea, food and connection

The ceremony can be designed for you by Jai Ram or it can be co-created with you yourself, as there may be other elements that come to your intuition that you feel you wish to include. 

The central element is you – honouring and celebrating you. 

Who should I invite?

This is traditionally the way in which it is announced to the whole community that you are pregnant. We suggest you invite anyone you feel you would like to have there – family and friends, including men and women – whoever you feel drawn to invite. We also have a community of people who feel close to these teachings and who practice them who we can invite to bless you on your way. Everyone loves a good ceremony! We can discuss this and it is clearly entirely your choice. 

What is the 40 Day Blessing?

A possible, powerful element of a 120th Day Celebration is to introduce the concept of the 40 Day Blessing. This refers to the first 40 days following birth. In the Kundalini Yoga teachings we have our own version of the basic universal guidelines on how to best care for a woman at this time, versions of which are found throughout all cultures around the world except our own individualistic, materialistic one. These are coziness, rest and staying close to the baby; being helped with household practicalities; being well nourished with special foods for this time; massage and belly binding. A 120th Day Celebration is an ideal occasion to inform and inspire people about the importance of this time. You may choose to ask those invited to the 120th Day Celebration for donations towards paying for a postnatal doula and/or *sevadar (one who serves women in this special period) in the first 40 days. This is like a soul-centred alternative to the baby shower. Instead of receiving gifts for the baby you receive donations towards support. What is spoken of at the Celebration may also serve to mobilise your existing community, suggesting very practical and not difficult to achieve ways in which people can really help. 

The bigger picture

The overarching aim of these services, 120th Day Celebration and 40 Day Blessing, is to create a more continuous weave of support for women in their journey of motherhood, in an inspiring, soul-nurturing, community-enhancing, grass roots, very doable way. Sometimes the steps needed are quite small, to create a large impact. Some things just need to be put into action and already the picture changes quite radically. In our culture, women can often feel isolated and overwhelmed, and this does not need to be. Bringing care and basic humanity, one woman, one baby and one family at a time, we will take subtle yet certain steps towards a world of greater peace, connectedness and happiness. 

Have Questions? Some may be answered here.

Where does a Celebration take place? 

It can happen in your home or, where appropriate, we can organise another space for you.

How long is it?

We can create a ceremony for anything between 1.5 and 2.5 hours. Include time to share food and drink following the ceremony in this time. 

How much does it cost? 

Jai Ram’s hourly fee for facilitating the ceremony and for travel time is $108. We will discuss your wishes at no charge and then I will quote you the fee before you decide to commit. 

Does it have to be on the 120th day?

No. The real takes preference over the ideal. You will have the ceremony most likely on a weekend when most people can come, and when Jai Ram and you are both available, as close as possible to your 120th day.

Are men also invited?

Yes, definitely. They are an important part of this. It is your ceremony and your choice. Follow your gut and intuition rather than social mores when inviting people. Towards the end of your pregnancy you may wish to have another ceremony called a Mother’s Blessing, to send you into the birth. That is women only. Indeed, that is also a possible alternative to the 120th Day Celebration.

How do I prepare?

Part of the magic of creating a ceremony happens in the setting up of the space. You may ask close friends or family members to help you with that – making it beautiful, cozy and inviting with flowers and candles. You will be seated on a throne of sorts, so set up a place for you to sit, with cushions and cloths. Make it royal and beautiful.

What if I feel embarrassed, self-conscious or unsure about deserving this?

I would say this is part of the process! Those feelings are common, but think about it. You actually grace others with them seeing a woman dare to step into the royalty of her true self. This can be very powerful for you and others. The celebration and the process of it is for you but others will gain just as much from it. 

How shall I invite people and ask for donations for the 40 Day Blessing?

I can help you with the wording of the invitation if you wish. 

Who organises and pays for the food and drink? 

You do. Or, better, ask someone close to you to organise this.

How do I find out more about the 40 Day Blessing and receiving support from a sevadar? 

Contact me direct to talk about it. If you wish to be supported by a sevadar (who has been trained for this purpose) we will see if there is someone available who lives close to your area. 

I want to go ahead with organising a 120th Day Celebration. What now?

Send me a mail, call or text me and we can discuss it further.


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